Week 28 Summer arrived.


15th of July 2018 – The last week have been very warm and the river have dropped dramatically during the past last days and today the river flow is down to only 7,9 m3 out of Skoganvarrer which is very low for the time of the year actually the first time in many years we have so low water this early, what this will have of effect during the rest of season we must wait and see, but surely there are fish in the river, our own homepool have been boiling of fish and we have seen some really big fish moving up river while standing on the Olderø suspension bridge seeing them clearly when they pass just under your feet in only 1 meter deep water, the runs have been constant on almost every tide despite the low and clear water conditions.


We have had a group from UK, Ireland and Finland fishing our waters this last week, they have despite the low water and difficult conditions done well, all have been in contact with fish throughout the week fishing floating line mounted with very small sunrays, bombers and hitch flies while on the river, the last techniq (Hitching) introduced to clients of Olderø 7-8 years back of our former campmanager Ingolfur Davidsson, Iceland with big success. Since introduced on Olderø waters, this techniq have produced some really big fish and again this year we have already had a lot of action with these flies and it looks like the conditions for this tecniq will continue as I don’t believe we will see any major change in the waterflow in the river the rest of the season.

Besides all the action we actually also had a double hook up an evening in one of our upper beats were Chris and Bill was fishing with their guide Christian, one fish on 10 kg was landed while the other one unfortunately broke the leader only centimeters from the net, this was estimated to be around 15 kg, both fish silver fresh from the ocean.

We have been in contact with the next group coming into the lodge to make sure that they would bring singlehand rods and some lighter equipment to make sure they fish as stealthy as possible trying to catch some of the big Atlantic´s already on our waters in the river.

On the positive side, next week we have the biggest high tide in the fjord of July, this normally brings in the biggest runs of fish in July and it going to be interesting to follow in the days to come, despite the weather forecast for next week looks very warm and dry and it seems that there is no relief to the river in terms of rain.

Stay tuned for more information.