Happy days.

4th of July 2017  – Yesterday we had a great time on Olderø Flyfishing lodge with some really good fishing despite the high water level witch seems not to let go of the river this year. The river has been high and colored the last 3 weeks and sadly it is not looking to change this week, but our guests and guides keeps on pushing on and we got 2 really nice fish and lost another two big fish.

Below is a picture of 2 very happy guides, Our campmanager Mads Kjær Pedersen did a few casts last night scouting and trying to find new pockets and spaces in the high water for guests to fish and him and Christian had a quite good night landing this beauty on 114 cm and 16kg, the fish was very deep hooked and sadly we had to kill it, but we can promise that it will be served as smoked salmon for our guests visiting Olderø Flyfishing lodge the weeks to come.

Below tuff fight with a fish from our lower beats on the river, after a good fight Svein and our skilled guide Christian Lindstrøm with a really fat and beautiful fish comming straight from the arctic ocean….This morning shift was more quiet, but we lost a good fish in Homepool.

Stay tuned for more news…