What a great season.

6th of November 2016.

We have had a great season in Lakselv this year on Olderø fly fishing Lodge, and we want to use the oppertunity to say thank you to all our guests who have been visiting us during this season, we look forward to see all of you again next season. For guest´s who is visiting us in 2017 we have some really great news as we got more water to fish from next season, we have just closed a deal which gives us acces to some really good water in  zone 2. We look forward to get this water into our rotation on the Lodge and we are sure that many guest will be more than happy to be able to fish this stretch of water in the next season´s.

We are currently preparing next season and are closing down the main lodge for the winter to come. We are having a lot of inqueries for open spaces and the fishing for next season, as it is now we are fully booked except week 23 and week 24 in the salmon season and week 36 in the seatrout season – If you are interested in really big spring atlantic salmon fishing or some great seatrout fishing in the autumn, please contact us for more information and prices on those weeks.

IMG_0016 IMG_1297

Looking for a place to stay while fishing the Lakselv river, Northern Norway?? Beside we have the main Lodge at Olderøen, we also have a really nice cabin for rent on weekly bases from 2017 season. (The cabin was totally renovated inside and outside in 2015) The cabin is located just downstreams for Holmen bridge on the right side of the river with a great view over the river and mountains, the house can accommodate up to 6 persons, nice sauna also comes with the cabin. The rental is always 7 days and goes from sunday to sunday noon/noon. It is available 2017 in week 26-30 and again in week 33 please contact us for further information.

If you just are intersted in visiting Olderø fly fishing Lodge, please send us a email with your wish and we will put you on our waiting list for the next season´s, you never know, cancelations can and will occur…

Stay tuned for more news about Olderø fly fishing lodge here.


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