Summer fishing.

11th of July 2017 – Finally after some tuff weeks it looks like the river is starting to clear up down here on the lower part of the river and the water levels changing to more normal condition, the river is still high for the time of the year, but with this water level we are able to fish more spots then we could just days ago.

We expect the fishing to pick up during the next days as the river continues to drop into more fishable condition, last week we had some decent fishing, with fish caught and lost throughout the week, most action we had Saturday morning were one of our clients and guide had a wild session in Olderø homepool were they had several hookups and lost 2 big Atlantic´s in just one hour fishing….

This week started very good for the group who arrived sunday afternoon with action on all our beats, four fish was caught,  biggest fish caught by James Mason Topham on 12,5 kg breaking his personally best on Atlantic salmon, well done James, C&R is good Karma.

James works as a professional fishing guide on the Seychelles in our wintertime and as a salmon guide in Norway during the summer, we are very glad that he has chosen to spend his vacation time fishing Olderø fly fishing waters, always very nice to have the lodge full of skilled anglers.

We cross our fingers that the conditions continues to improve, so stay tuned for more updates in the days to come.