The Lakselva runs through Porsanger in the Finnmark county of north Norway and has for many years been an unknown fishing river in comparison with the bigger rivers in the area. In the recent years this pearl of salmon fishing has caught the attention of anglers that are looking for big salmon. The average water level is only 26 m3, but for the last years it has shown to be among rivers with the highest average number of big salmon per season and for the last years many salmon between 40 and 50 lbs have been seen with the record standing at 55 lbs, but several fish lost have been bigger than this…

If easy wading, floating lines, riffling hitch and a true big North Atlantic salmon is what you are after then Lakselva is the perfect spot for you. We offer six rods exclusive fishing where every angler has access to a lot of fishing water in this fly fishing paradise. Come and fish in peace and quiet in the midnight sun and have many of the best places for salmon fishing only for you in this amazing part of the continent.

Olderø fly fishing Lodge have 7 beats to offer to our clients while visiting our lodge, upon arrival the camp manager have made a rotation schedule which all anglers will follow during the 7 days period they are staying with us at the lodge, this way all beats will be covered and guest will throughout the week get full rotation on all beats and by this way will have the best chance to get into some exciting salmon fishing during their stay.

In 2019 guest´s will fish following beats when visiting Olderø fly fishing Lodge;  Olderø (homepool) – Holmen – Stangnes lower part – Ratama – Stangnes upper part, 6to6 “Swimmingpool” and the new beat “Bergkroken”  The beats we have are carefully selected so that fishing can be experienced in every water level.


Our guide team.

Olderø fly fishing Lodge are very happy and proud to be able to present the best guide team on Lakselv.

Per Tronde, SWE, Christian Lindstrøm, SWE, Mads Ramsdal Hansen, DK, and Rene Gerken, DK is the guides you are going to meet when you arrive Olderø, they are all very experienced and professional guides. The transport to and from the river is done in new 4WD cars driven by our guides, they will also bring coffee/tea, softdrinks or beer in the car for your convinience. They all speak English, and all are experts on single- and two-hand casting, presentation and fishing techniques, and of course the fly choice of the day. They are there to make your fishing more productive and enjoyable. Having a guide with you full time makes a huge difference on your succes. Our guides are constantly on the river and know where and how to get into the fish. They are also a huge help when landing fish, there is nothing worse than loosing a big fish because of landing difficulties when you are alone. Safety when wading the river is an of course. Besides that, we strongly believe that good company only makes your trip better...

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