Week 33 – Fantastic fishing

20th of august 2018 – The past week we have had a group of Icelanders fishing our waters and they did very good landing several big fresh fish from our own private beats on zone 1 and 2. Especially our homepool with double bank fishing have been producing very well all week on every tide, looks like fish coming in with the tide and then they cannot decide to go further up river so they tend to stay down in the lower part area and comes up again on the next tide, meaning that our clients having many shoots on the fish not deciding to run up or stay in the estuary.

As always it is nice to have friends in the lodge and also this week we have had a returning guest this time Adelstein who showed the way for everybody this week with 7 fish caught, like a pro he was wrapping up the week this morning with a stunning 15kg fish from homepool – Sure you know how to continue next week were you also will be staying with us.!

Also, Bjarki and David from Iceland, guide and former guide, they knew exactly what they were doing and Rene their guide hat a lot of fun during the whole week, always with happy campers in the car ready to take any opportunity and challenge Rene was offering them, needless to say they did very well and both got their first fresh fish out a Norwegian river, we were just lucky to have them around.

Last and not at least we had the brothers Arni and Hemmi, fishing with their son and daughter, Hilmar and Alexandra. If you can recognize them from the pictures it’s because they run a very famous and well renowned fly-fishing lodge in Iceland, with some of the best water in Iceland for big fish, the NES beat in Laxa Adaldal, one of the best places, if not the only one if you want to get a regularly chance to get into a +30-pound fish in Iceland.

Both Arni and Hemmi had some very good fishing, both landing and loosing big fish, the biggest landed was a stunning 14kg silver chrome fish fresh out of homepool, Hemmi and Alexandra landed this fish together far below from where it took the fly giving them a memory who will last for a lifetime.

Guests fishing with floating lines with sinking leaders did the trick most of the time, Sunray shadow flies produced very this week, seems that the fish didn’t care size wise so both big and small sunrays caught fish throughout the week – Then the guys brought a special, but very simple technique with them from Iceland that many times during the week did the job, something that most people tend to forget when they are on a river fishing for salmon, but I will come back to that later when we do a update on our pretrip info later this fall, as we are going to have major changes in what to offer our clients in the years to come, all changes have already been and are going to be positive for clients visiting us in the seasons to come.

For us it was very nice to be around fantastic fly casters and very skilled and passionate salmon anglers, it has been a big pleasure to host you all in the lodge this week.

As always nice to fish, but always better when you do it in good company.