Week 33 – Icelanders week

22th of august 2019 – The past week we have had a group of Icelanders fishing our waters. The fishing this week have been a bit up and down with fish running very fast through our beats in zone 1 and therefore we had to chase the fish when they went upstream. Sometimes we succeeded to find them again further up on our beats and sometimes they just disappeared, but that’s why it’s called fishing and not catching.

I feel that I am almost repeating myself again, but this week we have seen and lost some bigger fish without having any luck in landing them. The grilse runs seems to have been picking up and that is good news for the seasons to come, It is always nice to see that the rivers future generation is returning in good numbers and hopefully a good run of this year’s grilse run is ready to enter the river as 7-9 kg fish next season.

As always it is nice to have friends in the lodge and also this week it was returning guest, who had invited some of their friends.  This time Adelstein and Kristrun showed the way for everybody with 6 fish caught.

This week we had 2 guest who landed there biggest fish ever. Kristrun caught a 14 kg female salmon on the first day of the stay. She caught it on our beat 6 to 6, and with good help from our guide Chris, they landed the big fish shortly after. Sigvaldi who visit us for the first time caught his biggest salmon ever in homepool in the morning. This fish was very fresh and with sea lice, and gave a very strong and long fight. Always good to see fresh fish this late in the season. Big big congratulation to both of you from all of us in the staff with the biggest ever Atlantic Salmon… You both really did well, and we are all looking forward to see you both again next year.

Guests fishing with floating line and long leaders due to the low water did the trick most of the time, Sunray shadow flies and small hook flies produced most of the fish this week.

As always nice to fish, but always better when you do it in good company.

René Gerken – Camp Manager