Experienced guide joins the team at top Norwegian fly fishing lodge.

Well-known fly fishing industry guide René Gerken has joined the team at Olderø Fly Fishing Lodge – a lodge on the Lakselv River in northern Norway, which is well regarded as a Mecca for serious salmon anglers. René becomes Olderø’s new Camp Manager for 2019 after working at Olderø lodge as a part-time guide for […]

Season 2018

24th of October 2018 Sitting looking back on this season at Olderø fly fishing lodge and few things just comes into my mind, we have had a really busy spring with finishing the new and much bigger main building at the lodge which were ready the 1th of June. The new house will be the […]

Week 33 – Fantastic fishing

20th of august 2018 – The past week we have had a group of Icelanders fishing our waters and they did very good landing several big fresh fish from our own private beats on zone 1 and 2. Especially our homepool with double bank fishing have been producing very well all week on every tide, […]

On and off…

14th of august 2018 – We have had a group of anglers from UK, Scotland and USA at the lodge the previous week, the fishing this week have been a bit up and down with fish running very fast through our beats in zone 1 and therefore we had to chase the fish when they […]

Difficult conditions.

1th of august 2018 – The last four weeks we have had many days with really high temperatures, some days over 30 degrees celcius and on the same time low water levels, this combination made the river and the pools very difficult to fish and both guests and guides was praying for rain every day, […]

Week 28 Summer arrived.

  15th of July 2018 – The last week have been very warm and the river have dropped dramatically during the past last days and today the river flow is down to only 7,9 m3 out of Skoganvarrer which is very low for the time of the year actually the first time in many years we […]

Week 27

  9th of July 2018 – After a rather slow start on the season we have seen a lot of fish coming into the river and our waters in the last half of the week, again this week we have had a group of good friends fishing Olderø waters, they had some good action to […]

Olderø homepool comes into action.

30th of June 2018 – After yesterdays first fish from one of our middel beats on the river, Olderø homepool also steps into the game, again it is James from Scotland who is the one who was lucky to be on the right spot the right time with this beauty on 27 lbs fish. The […]

First fish out of Olderø fly fishing Lodge 2018

29th of June 2018 – All the way uphere in the very north of Norway the season starts later than the rest of the country and we have been looking for those first fish to enter Lakselv, the last days have shown us that they are here for real. Today the lodge is full of […]

Season update.

9th of september. We have had a great season on Olderø and looking back we have had so many happy clients in Olderø fly fishing lodge, we are also very very pleased and proud over how many big fish which have been caught on our waters this season, with the two biggest fish going over the […]

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