Season update.

9th of september. We have had a great season on Olderø and looking back we have had so many happy clients in Olderø fly fishing lodge, we are also very very pleased and proud over how many big fish which have been caught on our waters this season, with the two biggest fish going over the […]

Run of fresh fish.

22th of July 2017 – 1th half of the season is now gone! We must say that we are very happy how the fishing has been on our beats sofar lot´s of action and lot´s of big fish landed (and lost!!) at the moment we see silver fresh fish running every day on the tides, […]

Epic battle..

19th of July 207 – This morning one of our longtime clients Johannes Kahrs just landed a superb fish from our waters, 118 cm and 21 kg pure muscle after a epic battle, absolutely a fantastic fish if you ask us, congratulations to Johannes and guide Christian to land this stunning creature. C&R is very […]

Fantastic fish in a fantastic week.

16th of July 2017 – This week has been very good for our clients staying in the lodge the previous week, we have had a stunning 9,3 kg average on the fish caught this week and the fish have keept on coming to the fly all week, only slow day was yesterday. Water level still […]

Summer fishing.

11th of July 2017 – Finally after some tuff weeks it looks like the river is starting to clear up down here on the lower part of the river and the water levels changing to more normal condition, the river is still high for the time of the year, but with this water level we […]

Happy days.

4th of July 2017  – Yesterday we had a great time on Olderø Flyfishing lodge with some really good fishing despite the high water level witch seems not to let go of the river this year. The river has been high and colored the last 3 weeks and sadly it is not looking to change […]

Fantastic fish from Olderø.

23th of june 2017  The fishing has been really difficult due to exstreamly high waters for the time of the year. We have had a group of though anglers fishing our waters the whole week and they have been fighting the high waters all week, fishing inside the forrest and many other places we normally […]

Big fish lost…

7th of june 2017 This morning one of our clients lost a really really big, as he says maybe the fish of his lifetime on one of Olderø fly fishing lodge´s beats, The massive fish came for the fly just after it touched the surface and took him up and down the beat many times, […]

First fish of the season…

5th june 2017  Today we got the first fresh fish of the season on Olderø Fly Fishing lodges water. Johnny Burmeister from Denmark was the lucky and skilled angler who took this 8,25 kg and 90 cm beauty, the salmon is properly the first fresh fish out of Lakselv this year, the salmon took the […]

Still winter…

3th of june 2017 Despite the calendar says June the winter is still on in Lakselv, the last week we have been starting up the operation and we have the last days had few guests fishing the Olderø Fly Fishing lodges water in pursuit of one of the first big salmon we know coming into […]

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